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Pamoja Festival is Burundi's biggest annual Musical Festival organized in partnership with Burundian artists. This event has over the years attracted a passionate audience growing from 5,000 to 10,000 people since 2016.

It also attracts international artists from Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. The event attracts Urban Dance and music lovers in Burundi ranging from 10-35 years of age.Pamoja Festival is an idea generated from a need to bring the Positive Music Industry on one platform and also enhancing unity among Burundians to one place.

You know! Music is an universal language that unites people of all ages, races and influences culture,we thus use this opportunity to also encourageand inspire young people to love God and pure positive uplifting music. We have for the last 3 years been consistent in pursuing the vision ofusing music to influence Godly culture in various ways:Artist Workshops,Prayer Retreats, Evangelism Events, Training DJs to take up spots in strategic

Radio stations. We have added an award ceremony (Pamoja Award) to the platform in order to appropriate and recognize the Artist that work so hard. Our major secret has been total dependence on God, who has brought our wa like-minded people that have partnered with us. The event is mainly run by young passionate people that volunteer their time and resources to help others know the truth about God's love.Our vision is to influence the world with positive vibes through Creative Events!